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those of you supposed aild fan, take this quiz and test your knowledge of aild lyrics. these are based off all albums up to decas, i mention awakened but that hasnt come out yet

soo are u a real fan? lol dont feel bad if you forget some of them, but you obviously should know the basics :) who doesn't love this amazing band? they are incredible!

Created by: deathconquers
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  1. Okay first lyrics to decipher; " we live in slavery to a path we cannot escape
  2. "I saw your heart as it overtook me"
  3. "from here to eternity, we begin understanding,i see who you are and who else can compare and i meant what i said and i will stand by ur side"
  4. "were born helpless but guided by humanity, what was compassion, soon controls the way we think"
  5. "I have spent most of my life trying, to complicate everything that I believe"
  6. But what wisdom is there within us To live based on the feeling of our hearts How many times has instinct let us down,Never to be thought through, never to be questioned
  7. How quickly I forget... That this is meaningless.
  8. when will i be taken from this life? take what is Yours you deserve more than my life,take my life away.
  9. it seems our problems solve themselves when we look beyond us to those truly in hell
  10. If all my sorrow has led me here Then I would cry all of my tears To have this chance, to have this chance again

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