The Used Lyrics Quiz

This is a quiz on the lyrics to a few of The Used's songs. No one reads this so just move along. I'm just going to start singing now... "Yeah, this is not natural A bunch of holes where the dead used to be underground Forget supernatural 'Cause all those resting in peace are out walking the streets Yeah, with no heartbeat"

For extra credit, name the song I was singing up there in the comments. Or contemplate what it could be...just leave a comment and make me happy. It isn't hard.

Created by: Nallie
  1. What song is this?:"Better off on your own you said, and I've seen that look in your eye It's embarrassing"
  2. "Worst has got the best of you. I ask you and I know I need to change"
  3. "Sure I lost my mind"
  4. Which of these lyrics is not from Let It Bleed?
  5. Which of these lyrics is from Cut Up Angels?
  6. Can you name the other songs that I mentioned in the last question in order?
  7. This is Listening. Which lyrics don't belong?
  8. What song is this? "Time takes us all so why am I not just living for today?"
  9. "Is there a point to this madness and all that he was..."
  10. "I'm a worm with no more chances"
  11. "Call me a mess, call me wrong"

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