Lady Gaga Lyrics Master Quiz

Everybody knows who Lady Gaga is and may people claim to truly know her songs, but just how closely do you pay attention to her lyrics? In this 25-question challenge, see how well you know the pop diva. Brace yourself however, for this quiz can be quite the challenge!

Do you have what it takes to prove that you are a truly Lady Gaga fan? Prove it by showing just how closely you listen to her lyrics. In a few minutes, you will find out just how much Gaga lyrics stick to your head!

Created by: Antonio
  1. What pastry of hers is Lady Gaga Bluffin with while singing about a card game?
  2. Lady Gaga can see you staring there with a smile on your mouth... but from where?
  3. Lady Gaga love love loves you for who you are, and she wants all of these from you except:
  4. Lady Gaga knows that you are young and she knows that you may love her, but she needs to know what "she" has in her pockets. What is it?
  5. Which of these does Lady Gaga claim is both symphonic and electronic
  6. Lady Gaga enjoyed the dinners, until your diamond words melted into what?
  7. Run run! Something about her is a vampire's grin! But what?
  8. Lady Gaga wants to go for a ride and never close her eyes, but do it quick before she changes her mind. What's her excuse?
  9. Lady Gaga wants to see your teeth but she only cares about how ________ they are.
  10. Lady Gaga knows her fashion designers, but which of these does she claim to "love"?
  11. Lady Gaga wants to take a ride to a place she's never been. Meanwhile she preaches "time" is what?
  12. Life is good at the midnight glamour show, but what time does everyone have to wake up for work the next day?
  13. You always want to hold Lady Gaga's hand, but how do you kiss her?
  14. While riding an airplane, Lady Gaga suggests doing what with champagne?
  15. Lady Gaga can't remember when you did what?
  16. Lady Gaga wants you to change your pants and meet her where for a private show and dance?
  17. Every street has a memory according to Lady Gaga, but what colors do the lights glow?
  18. She dried her eyes picked up her microphone after he's been gone for how long?
  19. It's funny how things they change, but what specifically rearranges just for Lady Gaga?
  20. Sometimes you put Lady Gaga's boots back on after she trips on what?
  21. After the monster downed her heart, where did he take off?
  22. You stopped the clock the second time around after Lady Gaga misspells which word?
  23. Painted green watermelons where?
  24. Lady Gaga is not a Hallmark card expression but...
  25. The reason why Lady Gaga is not like Nostradamus is because which part of her is brunette?

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