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Many directioners consider themselves as dedicated because of the merch they've collected and the concerts they've been (no offense). But, a true directioner knows 1D songs by heart and loves them for who they are.

I've felt like I wanted some challenge in 1D song quizzes but it's all quite easy for me. So I made this quiz for people who want a bit of a challenge. Do you think you ABSOLUTELY know 1D songs and lyrics ? Well, thanks to this quiz, let's find out ! (Don't say I didn't warn you, it's really really hard)

Created by: Arabella Syndergaard
  1. Which of the following song lines actually belong to the One Direction song, "Change My Mind" ?
  2. What 1D song has these song lyrics ? "'Cause there's so much that I wanna say"
  3. Who sang these lines in One Direction's famous song, No Control ? "And the heat where you laid"
  4. What is the 21st line in One Direction's "They Don't Know About Us" ?
  5. What One Direction song, refers to fixing or repairing something the protagonist had broken ?
  6. What is the 11th word in the second verse in One Direction's song, "Does He Know" ?
  7. In some of One Direction's concerts, Harry Styles tend to change lyrics in various songs. What song had he done this lyric change to ? "If you're hungry then eat some Cheerios!"
  8. In One Direction's Song "Clouds" , who sang these lines ? "That you were tired of all the changes"
  9. According to 1D's "Nobody Compares" , What did the guy and his love do in Paris ?
  10. In 1D's lovely song "Diana" , what are the last three words ? warning: I did not put them in order
  11. What is the last letter sung in One Direction's "Taken" ?
  12. In 1D's "Another World" , what is the last word spoken in the pre-chorus ?
  13. In One Direction's "Night Changes" what was the kind of dress the girl's mother in the song doesn't want her daughter to wear and why ?

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