How well do you know One Direction?

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There are many girls who claim that they know EVERYTHING about On Direction, but, they still need to research some of it. I'm not saying that they don't love 1D, i'm just, ugggghhh!

I'm sorry if you take this hard, and well, sorry for saying that sarcastic s---. I'm not saying that I know everything about 1D. I'm really really really sorry. Wow...This turned out to be a sorry paragraph. HAHA! :D

Created by: Rose_Horan
  1. One Direction is...
  2. One Direction consist of five members, they are:
  3. Who cried while watching 'Finding Nemo'?
  4. How many songs ( Including the yearbook edition and the bonus track) does TMH album has?
  5. Complete the song: Everybody wanna Steal My girl, Everybody wanna...?
  6. Who does 1D consider as their 'leader'?
  7. Who is borned on Bradford, England?
  8. Who is the IRISH ONE in the group?
  9. WHo is known to be 'the flirt' of the group?
  10. What is the title of the mivie that 1D made?
  11. Where is 'Gotta be You' filmed?
  12. '__!!! JIMMY PROTESTED!' - Louis
  13. 'Can we fall, one more time, ____ the tape, and rewind.'
  14. 'You and I. We don't wanna be like them, We can make it till the end, oh _______ can come between.'
  15. What song did not 1D sang at THE X-FACTOR?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know One Direction?