One Direction Ultimate Fan Quiz

There are thousands and thousands of girls and guys and aliens and dogs and whatever that have fallen in love with our precious boys.. But are you a SUPER DIRECTIONER? Do you really belong to our family? Find out(;

Do you truly belong to the 1D family? Take the quiz and see if you know all about One Direction; if you are as obsessed as the rest of us are(: But stay away from Liam, HE'S MINE -_-

Created by: Kiersten of One direction (1D)
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  1. Who wants to make Krispy Creme-flavored ice-cream?
  2. Niall's favorite movie of all time is ______.
  3. Their 2011/2012 UK tour sold out in just how many minutes?
  4. Who in the band plays the kazoo?
  5. Which are the only two that have passed their driving tests?
  6. What is Zayn's middle name?
  7. What color are Niall's braces?
  8. Which famous singer would 1D really like to collaborate with?
  9. Liam's star sign is ______.
  10. The only book Niall has ever read is ________.
  11. Liam's favorite sport is ______.
  12. Louis had chilli-flavored ice-cream in what country?
  13. 13. Harry can speak English and _______.
  14. The Fray is _____'s favorite band.
  15. Has Harry's hair always been brown and curly?
  16. Is Liam's hair naturally brown and straight?
  17. Louis dreams about _____ and _____ the most. (HINT: they're in the band...)
  18. Who said "No, I've never snogged a fan! I don't think it's right.."?
  19. Who pokes Harry to annoy him when he's bored?
  20. ____ used to skip school to avoid being bullied.

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