Do you know ONE DIRECTION?

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In todays world there are directioners and directionators! directioners are true one direction fans but directionators are picky on which member they like, only think the band is hot or pretend to be a fan (fake fan) for social status... NOT COOL!

ARE YOU A TRUE ONE DIRECTION FAN... Take this completely scientific and accurate quiz to find out! After the quiz you will know but for now you can only hope that you are TRUE TO YOUR IDOLS, ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Lilly

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  1. Names?
  2. Who is considered 'the leader' by the rest of the band?
  3. When and where was Liam born?
  4. When did Harrys Parents get a divorce?:(
  5. Which member has an older brother and what is his brothers name?
  6. Which answer correctly describes a tattoo Zayn has
  7. Who is famous for his red jeans
  8. Who do you like the best
  9. Thats what makes you...
  10. Louis+Harry=
  11. I can't swim but if my girlfriend was drowning i'd still dive in to save her! was said by.......
  12. 'i'd make that pigeon reappear' was said by.......
  13. who is KEVIN
  14. Niall is

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Quiz topic: Do I know ONE DIRECTION?