how much do you love one direction?!

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There are so many crazy girls that love one direction. They would do anything to meet the handsome and flirty Harry Styles or the sexy and smart Liam Payne.

Are you one of those girls who love one direction more than anything in this world? Take this quiz to see if you truly do love one direction! Please take it cause I worked very hard on it.

Created by: hazzaforeva
  1. Who is the funniest one in the group?
  2. Who has a fear of birds?
  3. Which one likes Demi Lovato the most?
  4. Who seems to attract more of the younger fans?
  5. Which boy can play the guitar?
  6. Who set up Louis and Eleanor?
  7. Who owns a pigeon?
  8. Who is the cheekiest member of the band?
  9. who is the best poser of the band?
  10. What instrument does Harry play?
  11. Who is the dirtiest in the group?
  12. Who came up with the band name?
  13. Who stepped on a sea urchin and cut up their foot?
  14. Who loves Nandos?
  15. who is the most popular guy?
  16. Which two have a bromance?
  17. Who loves cats?
  18. Who has a strange obsession of giraffes?
  19. Who smokes?
  20. Who's favorite color is red?
  21. Who's favorite color is purple?
  22. Who's favorite song is free fallin' by John Mayer?
  23. Who's favorite song is viva la vida by coldplay?
  24. Who broke his toe?
  25. Who is the most silent?
  26. Which one is from Cheshire, England?
  27. Who knows how to do a handstand?
  28. Who did ballet at a concert once?
  29. Who knows how to speak Spanish?
  30. Who has green eyes?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love one direction?!