Are you directioner?

Love One Direction? Want to know if you are a true directioner? Well, then this is the right quiz for you. This is to determine if you really know One Direction as much as you might think you do. (Sorry if the questions are easy- that just proves that you are a directioner!)

In case you didnt already know this, One Direction is a brittish- irish boy band with (REALLY cute) members harry styles, niall horan, liam payne, zayn malik, and louis tomlinson. If you think you have what it takes to get 100% on this quiz, then go right ahead!

Created by: Sports19

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  1. When is harrys birthday?
  2. When is nialls birthday?
  3. When is liams birthday?
  4. When is zayns birthday?
  5. When is louis' birthday?
  6. In which song does harry start off singing?
  7. Who usually starts singing first?
  8. Who sings this line? "some are like water, some are like the heat. Some are a melody and some the beat"
  9. What song is that line from?
  10. Who is/was dating elenor calder?
  11. Who likes stripes?
  12. Who is hazza?
  13. Who is DJ malik?
  14. Who has a crush on demi lovato?
  15. Who does the dance move "1 2 3 flick"?
  16. Who is scared of spoons?
  17. Who is the one irish guy in the group?
  18. Who always says "vas happenin?"
  19. Who has a pet cat dusty?
  20. Who sings this line? "its not me, its not you theres a reason. Im just tryna read the signals im recievin"
  21. What song is that line from?
  22. Who tends to go naked?
  23. Who likes girls who eat carrots?
  24. Who eats alot?
  25. What is nandos?
  26. Who likes to drink?
  27. Who hurt his toe surfing?
  28. Who played sports growing up?
  29. Who was in plays growing up?
  30. Who has black hair?

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