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Hi there, you must be a One Direction fan. Or a Directioner. This quiz is an easy quiz with giveaways. I thought of this because my childhood friend or you can even say, BROTHER asked me some questions and I answered 95% correctly.

I hope you like this quiz, its dedicated to my brother, and if you think I make too many 1D-related quizzes well sorry, but I really like their music and I think that's the last of it anyway. Rate and give me feedback! Please, once again, don't troll and no hate please :)

Created by: HOAHHH

  1. What is Zayn's real name?
  2. Which animal is Liam's favourite?
  3. What day, month and year was it when One Direction was formed?
  4. What colour is Harry's hair?
  5. What is Niall's race?
  6. Which song? "From the way that we touch, ba-by, to the way that you kiss on me"
  7. Who protested?
  8. Go to google and find the 1D logo. What do you see?
  9. Members?
  10. Names of three UAN songs
  11. Who is Louis' girlfriend?

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