The Ultimate One Direction Quiz

Do you think you're a genuis? There are many smart people out there but not to many genuises...Well test your skills on this awesome test... about One Direction!!!

This test is all about testing your sweet 1D skills on what you know about One Direction. It includes small facts, big ones, hard ones,easy ones. Are you not sure if you're a true directioner? well you'll know now with The Ultimate One Direction Quiz!

Created by: shaniquea

  1. Liam is a
  2. louis was born in
  3. _______ is the only boy with a brother
  4. When Zayn was little he liked
  5. __________ and__________ share a middle name.
  6. Niall cryed while watching __________
  7. Harry thinks Niall looks like________
  8. Zayn doesn't like his
  9. Harry plays the
  10. Niall screamed when he was being followed by
  11. Liams biggest influence is
  12. Harry wants to go to
  13. Before the X Factor Harry worked at
  14. Zayn is from _________ yorkshire
  15. Louis crys when he watches

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