Are you are directioner

Many people love one direction, like mabye, you , you an you! One direction are heart throbs to some but gay to others (lik me). This quiz pushes your knowledge .

Are you the ultimate fan ? Do you know ever thing bout these people?do you like my for ever questions? No? How about now? Now? Now? Oh ok please just take the quiz . Here we go...

Created by: aa1

  1. Where was Harry styles born (Harold)
  2. Are they gay
  3. What is the name of Louis's pigion
  4. Who made the name the name one direction
  5. What is Liam fave song
  6. Who is one directions fave British artist(s)
  7. Do you like this quiz
  8. Do u like one direction
  9. Wats Liam afraid of
  10. Whom was born on thy Christmas eve

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Quiz topic: Am I are directioner