How well do you know one Direction 2012

Are you a directioner? Take this short quiz and find out! You never know you might be an faboLOUIS directioner! Take the test and find out! GOOD LUCK

Are you a Directioner? Do you know the basics? ALL directioners will know the answers to these questions. Even if your just a good fan you may get high results!

Created by: niallmyworld

  1. Where did One Direction audition?
  2. Who dated Caroline Flack?
  3. What was the first song they sung as a group?
  4. Who's mum is Anne cox?
  5. How many of the boys have girlfriends?
  6. Who is Perrie?
  7. What is Lilo?
  8. Who had Kidney trouble?
  9. What date did they form as a group?
  10. What time did they form as a group?
  11. Why is Simon Cowell so important to directioners?
  12. Who is Niall's idol?
  13. Who is Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie?
  14. Who likes girls who eat carrots?
  15. What animal is Kevin?
  16. Who is the "special snowlake"
  17. Who is "BooBooBear"
  18. What was their first hit single?
  19. What is the name of their NEW hit single?
  20. What date does LWWY premiere?
  21. Directioners love them because:

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