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Everybody loves One Direction, and therefore several on try to blow your socks off with drawling and ridiculous love stories and only faintly believable 7 Minutes in Heaven stories.

Here is finally a 7 Minutes in Heaven that all Directioners have been hoping for. It might have a little sci-fi to begin with but I can assure you,; with a little Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis you can believe that anything is possible!

Created by: George8840
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  1. Okay you guys, this is my first 7 minutes in Heaven quiz. Comment and tell me how I did! Go to the next question and we will begin.
  2. Anxiously, you flip through another whimpy teen magizine. You are low on cash for the week, so you are only able to purcase the especially gushy-mushy one priced at $2.49. "Cheap," you mutter disgustedly at home as you finally reach the measly four pages dedicated to One Direction, "cheap, cheap, cheap."
  3. One of the four pages had a contest on it, "Submit your address, phone number, and name to the following address, and you could win a visit from 1D!" "Riiiight," you say to the shiny page, "sounds more like a stalker/kidnapping scheme to me." There was a grand picture of the entire band smiling broadly up at you directly under the contest. Sighing, you start to scribble out your home address. About half-way through, you find yourself staring at the picture, even though you'd seen it for a million times. Oddly though, Zayn's sparkling eyes and Louis' amused grin seemed to become even more life-like the more you looked at them...
  4. ...suddenly, you could have sworn Harry winked. As you speedily rub your eyes and glance down again, you see Niall waving, along with Liam. Knowing that pictures from the cheapest magazine on the rack do not move or even act like they want to move, you gently scratched the page to see if it was a plastic 3D image. If it wasn't, then you'd know you were delusional. At your careful touch, all of the members jumped.
  5. "Ahh!" You scream, and instinctively drop the magazine. A burst of blinding red light flashed, and you fell to your knees, wondering what you did to ever deserve this. A few seconds pass, and there's Zayn, lying in an odd tangle on your carpet. "Vas happening?" he says faintly before falling next to you as neon purple brightness fills the entire room. With a quiet *plop* Liam arrives...
  6. ...Louis follows Liam with red and white stripe pattern light, along with Harry (with orange light) and Niall (electric blue). Blinking the temporary blind spot out of your eye, you notice Louis has a scratch on his cheek, and is bleeding. Harry also seems to be cut, but his appears to be very small. You are paralyzed with disbelief, but utmost happiness. Heck, One Direction is sprawled out on your living room floor! Who could BE happier, anyway?
  7. With a jerk you wake up from your disbelief and find your voice, "Louis, are you okay? What happened? Why are you all here?" "I've been better, mate." Louis whispered, "I got your email last month. Don't think I don't remember you," and he pointed to your name that you had jotted down on top of the contest sheet. Speechless, you pick up a tissue from the coffee table that was beside Harry, and carefully dab at the blood oozing out of Louis' cheek. Harry whistled lowly as Louis blushed as red as his skinny jeans. Niall smiled at you when you finally broke you and Louis' stare and glanced at him. "So. Having a good summer?" "Excellent," you reply, throwing all the terrible weeks that your summer had been so far, out of your mind.
  8. "Mine just got better!" Liam says loudly, as he leans over the coffee table to reach a toffee in your candy bowl. "So did mine!" Harry announces and beats Louis to hugging you. Before you can get over that thrill, all five of them throw themselves at you. Louis, over his slight romantic phase for now, wipes his cheek impatiently, "Why don't we all play a board game or something?" "Yeah!" The rest cheer. "Please?" Niall begs. "Sure!" you smile and head for your broom closet. The creaks of your laminate hallway flooring tell you that someone is right behind you. "Can I help?" Asks the voice you know belongs to Zayn.
  9. "Of course you can, Zayn!" you reply. "I was wondering..." he glances around your hallway, "if you would like to accompany us at our concert tomorrow. All of the boys were talking about it and I think we all are desperate for your company." Once again at loss for words, you gape at him until he gently elevates your lower jaw, which of course causes it to close. He moves his hand away from your face and sighs. "I wish you could always be with us." Suddenly incredibly loud creaks issue from your floor as Louis bounds into the narrow hallway. "Getting romantic are we, Zayn-y Zayn-y Oh So Vain-y?" he says with a broad smile. And he leans over Zayn to get closer to you. "Ahh. Asking for it, are we?" Zayn retorts, "we both know YOU would never be able to do anything more than make fun of things. YOU would never actually be romantic with a girl." Louis' face was livid, "You know nothing, apparently." And he kisses you so fiercely you are stunned and rooted to the spot. When he releases you, he is panting with tears in his eyes, "That was for you, love." And he looks at the floor, his face scrunched up with fury at himself. "How about Monopoly?" Came Harry's voice from somewhere behind poor Louis, "That'll keep us here a while." And leaning past Zayn, Louis, and yourself, he grabs the game from the bottom shelf, then bolts, Louis at his heels.
  10. "Just one thing," says Zayn, as soon as we were alone again, "I hope you like carrots." And he slowly shuffles back down the hallway, his hands stuffed into his pockets. "Hey _________! Will you get back in here? I stubbed my toe and need a hug," Liam calls you, and you can faintly hear Niall as he giggles, "Oh you didn't!" Smiling to yourself, you walk slowly down the hallway. A whole night and more with 1D? Your life is made; plus, Louis' kiss might just be the highlight of your summer, year, and life. Can things be any better?----> END PART ONE
  11. Alrighty. Part Two will come as quickly as you want. BUT YOU HAVE TO COMMENT OR I WON'T! If you thought it was good, please let me know in the comments. Don't be shy! ----> GeOrGe OuT

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