7 Minutes in Heaven (One Direction Version! ;D)

Here is my next quiz, 7 Minutes in Heaven (One Direction Version! ;D)! I'm taking a break on ~A One Direcion Love Story~. This is probably going to happen again, just to let you know I will take a break every 5 parts.

Who will you go in the closet with? Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, or Liam? Choose your number wisely. If you didn't get the person you wanted, retake the quiz! :)

Created by: Br0wnies
  1. Your friend knocks on your door. You answer it. "Want to come to a party with me?" she asks, grinning.
  2. If you said no on the last question, she persuades you to go. You and your friend go to the party. You and your friend dance to loud music, and drink some soda.
  3. *Knock knock!* goes the door. "I'll get it!" says the party host. You see 5 hot guys walk in.
  4. "One Direction?!" every single girl at the party gasps, and their boyfriends swearing under their breath. Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam all walk in.
  5. "I have an idea!" the party hosts yells, getting everyone's attention. "Let's play 7 minutes of heaven!" the host says, grinning.
  6. Everyone agrees. People are picking numbers and going into the closet, as some people open the door to them making out. Liam doesn't look very comfortable.
  7. It's finally your turn. You are told to pick out a number.
  8. "Are you ready?" your friend asks.
  9. You nervously are unfolding the paper, really curious to find out who are going to go in the closet with.
  10. You call out a number.

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