How well do you know One Direction ^.^

Music is what makes the world go round. Without music, people would be bored and unemployed. But instead we have delightful dancers, ridiculous rappers, and sweet singers. What is music. Music is harmony and lyrics and instruments put together. Now you see how important it is? Well great!

Do you know the British boy band One Direction well? Okay, okay I believe you. But unfortunately I'm going to have to quiz you. Just take a few minutes okay? You won't regret.. Well at least I hope. ^.^

Created by: Mellissa
  1. Where is One Direction from?
  2. Who is not from the UK
  3. Where did British One Direction meet?
  4. Who recommended they start a band?
  5. What is One Direction's debut single?
  6. What are the members of the band in alphabetical order?
  7. Which one(s) band members are gay?
  8. What is the name of a One Direction tour?
  9. When was the year Harry was born?
  10. What year was Zayn born?
  11. What year was Niall born?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know One Direction ^.^