~A One Direction Love Story Part 7~

Sorry for SUCH a long wait guys, I'm sorry I made you sit here and wait for a long time! Well part 7 is FINALLY out, and you can enjoy taking it! :)

Part 7 is about Celina's party, and to see how much you love Harry! Again, sorry for such a long wait guys! I hope you enjoy the 'special event'! (as quoted in a few parts ago)

Created by: Br0wnies
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  1. You wake up. Phone ringing. *Ring ring ring, ring ring ring* You don't answer the phone, instead you let the message go to voice-mail and just keep staring at your bedroom ceiling. "Just 5 more minutes to think..." you mumble to yourself, shoving your pillows over your ears.
  2. You head down the stairs with your usual messed up hair with the bangs in your face, ragged up Hello-Kitty pajamas you had since you were little, and typical tired look with the dark purple bags under your eyes and an expression on your face as in: 'I'm about to give out any second, now'. You reach out to grab a box of cereal, right until you realize your favorite kind of cereal (imput favorite cereal), is all gone!
  3. You curse under your breath as you grab some toast and some (imput your favorite thing to put on toast). You slowly munch on your crunchy toast. "____..." your mother says, stretching and slowly walking into the kitchen. "I need you to go grocery shopping."
  4. "Fine..." you grunt. You shuffle your feet out the door and walk your way to the nearest local grocery store. Right until you then realize that you didn't bring any money or credit card with you. 'God D--- it.' you think to yourself. "YEAH!!!!!" you hear a familiar voice scream from an isle across the store. You walk towards that screaming voice and keep questioning to yourself who it was. "Hey ____." Harry says. "Me and Louis are just going grocery shopping. He loves shopping but won't admit it." Harry rolls his eyes at Louis. "Oh stop!" Louis says, jumping out of the shopping cart to punch Harry.
  5. "Bye guys, I have to go. I forgot my money at home..." you say, turning. "We can let you use some of our money." Louis says, opening a bag of chips he and Harry were planning to buy. "Yeah, I'm completely fine with it." Harry says, handing you $500. "500 dollars..." you say to yourself, your words trailing off. You, Louis and Harry decide to shop for groceries together. "Bye guys." you say, waving to Harry and Louis and carrying your groceries to your house.
  6. (An hour before Celina's Party) Your brushing your hair as the phone rings. *Ring ring ring, ring ring ring!* you put down your brush and answer the phone. "Hello?" you say, with one half of your hair brushed neatly and the other half messed up wildly. "Hey." Celina says. She sounds occupied. "Are you doing something?" you ask her. "Yeah...just painting my nails. It's just so hard to paint my right hand..." Celina says. Something spills in the background. "D--- IT!" Celina yells. "What's wrong?" you ask. "My nail-polish just spilled." Celina says, grunting. You smirk. "Hey, it's not my fault I can't paint my right hand..." Celina says. "So anyways," Celina begins. "I wanted to call to see if you were going to my party." Celina says. "Of course!" you say. "Have you invited anyone?" Celina asks. "Yeah..." you say, making Celina suspicious and full of suspense. "Who? WHO!?" Celina asks excitedly. "You'll see..." you say, admiring yourself in the mirror and making Celina more excited. "I'll see you there." Celina says. "Bye!" you say. "Bye, ____!" Celina says. You hang up the phone and continue brushing your hair.
  7. (At Celina's Party) Loud Music and People Dancing EVERYWHERE! "This is Awesome!" you hear a girl scream. "Monique! Get back upstairs!" Celina exclaims. (Monique DeJesus, Celina's older sister. Monique has similar hair to Celina, but it is Light Brown and kinda short, up to elbow length. Monique usually wears her White, Lacy Blouse and Blue Booty Shorts. Monique is always in her own world, and she's just as caring, smart, and funny as Celina. Only except Monique texts more, wears more makeup, and loves social events.) "Hold on...I really like this girl's style!" Monique says, walking towards you and eyeing your dress in an interested way.
  8. "Thank you!" you say to Monique. "You're very welcome." Monique says, stops looking at your dress, and looks at your face and gives off a generous smile. You and Monique decide to become friends. "Can Monique PLEASE stay down here and hang out?" you ask Celina with your sparkling puppy eyes, making it tempting for Celina not to say no. "Fine..." Celina says. But only for a little while. "Thanks!" Monique says. "I'll be back." you say, heading to the DJ booth. You request a slow song. Suddenly you hear the door open. It's the boys! "OH MY GOD!!!" Celina excitedly screams, eyes gleaming. "YOU INVITED ONE DIRECTION!?" Celina excitedly asks. "Yeah, knock yourself out." you say to Celina, winking. Celina rushes to Zayn and holds his arm. Zayn and Celina go to dance. Harry walks up to you with a bouquet of roses. "Hello my love. This is for you." Harry says, handing you the bouquet of roses. "May I have this dance?" Harry asks.
  9. You hold Harry's hand and you both head to the center of the dance floor. You start dancing. "____, I have something to tell you." Harry says while dancing with you. "What is it?" you ask Harry. "I love you." Harry says, and he leans in. Harry kisses you.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! What happens next? Find out in part 8! :3

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