Best One Direction 7 Minutes in Heaven Part 2!

Everybody loves One Direction, and therefore several on try to blow your socks off with drawling and ridiculous love stories and only faintly believable 7 Minutes in Heaven stories. Although this isn't exactly a 7 MIH quiz it is a special Love Story :)

Here is a special love story that all Directioners have been hoping for. It might have a little sci-fi to begin with but I can assure you,; with a little Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis you can believe that anything is possible! This is Part Two as requested! Enjoy

Created by: George8800
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  1. Hey you guys! This is Part 2 of the One Direction Love Story that I was making. You asked for it so here it is! Remember to COMMENT afterward to tell me what should happen next! Alright, here we go!
  2. walk back down the hallway as slow as you can possibly tolerate. This day has been unbelievable! First, One Direction arrived in your living room, gave you a big group hug (starting with Harry), and Louis had a fight with Zayn ending with a kiss. "He smelled like lemons," you remember thoughfully, "and Zayn smelled like something dark and mysterious." You finally end up in the living room.
  3. "Hey, ______! I thought you were going to give me a hug? I stubbed my toe!" Liam calls as you sit down next to him. Niall giggles, "But I jammed my finger yesterday!" "And I did too!" Yelps Harry. Zayn says nothing, but you notice he looks very depressed and moody for some reason. You make a mental note to hug HIM later. "'NO! Jimmy protested,'" Louis cries, but once again, he is beaten to you. One of the curly-haired boys hug you, but you have no idea it is Liam or Harry.
  4. He let you go only after squeezing you half to death, but you don't mind. He leans away from you and you see that you were hugged by Liam. "I TOLD you," he laughs, "about my toe. It really hurt and needed immediant attention." You smile and say, "Anytime Liam!" Zayn rolls his eyes, and pulls the Monopoly game box away from Harry, "Lets play." He says dully, and he sets the game board on your coffee table. You play for a good two hours. After finally going bankrupt, you look at the clock. "Don't look at it," Louis tells you from across the coffee table, "it lies." You take his words to heart, but the clock chimes one in the morning and it makes you worry. "How much more time do I have left with these boys?" you ask yourself, "And, I think I'm falling in love with Louis."
  5. "I'm done with this." Zayn says, then stands up and heads towards your bathroom. "What's up with Zayn?" You ask Liam, who's right next to you. "Dunno," he shrugs, but gets up and follows Zayn down the hallway. Both Niall and Harry follow the other two after a few minutes, and that left you and Louis alone together.
  6. "Well," Louis says, "THAT wasn't a very smooth move, eh?" "How so?" You ask him, but paying attention to how his bright green eyes were gleaming--sheer proof that he was up to something. "Zayn's upset 'cuz I'm falling for you and he's just jealous. Now they all leave the room to talk to him--getting him all calm and everything--but they left us here alone!" You know you shouldn't, but you find yourself smiling at him and his overly bright mischevious face. Finally, Louis gets his hug as you decide on a whim to throw yourself at him. You glance up at his face and you find yourself kissing him again and again, just relishing the feeling.
  7. After a full five minutes, you gently push yourself away from him, and he gives you a last soft kiss. You hurriedly scoot back to where you had been prior to the kissing episode, for fear Zayn might come back and see you laying in Louis' arms. Louis smiles, and says, "Well, that was exciting!" "Brillant," says Zayn dryly as he reenters the room, "just brillant." "How are you, Zayn?" you ask, just as the rest of the group comes into the living room behind him. "I've been much better, thank you." he replies stiffly, then turns his eyes to the floor. You can see that his long black lashes are wet and his usually dark face is flushed. Suddenly your own eyes feel wet, and you find yourself crying for him. Louis reaches over and pats your back while Liam walks over from behind Zayn with Harry, and starts rubbing your back. Harry quietly sings a soothing song of nothingness, but it sounded a lot like their song "More Than This".
  8. Niall bursts through the doorway and sheepishly joins the rest of the boys around you, but rudely pushing past Zayn in the process. You stand up and blink very hard; not exactly sure where your loyalties lie. Niall stands too, and sighs, "You don't have to pick one of us tonight, you know. We all love you. For right now, you can have some of all of ours." He holds out his arms, and without thinking, you fly into his arms. As you sob into the shoulder of his blue hoodie, you can hear Liam whisper loudly to Louis, "Did you two--" and he made kissing noises. "Maybe," you hear Louis reply almost absentmindedly. "Oh you--" Liam hissed and left the end of the sentence hanging darkly in the air. Niall squeezed you a little bit closer to him and he vigorously rubbed your back. When he let go, Louis gently took your arm and led you over to...Zayn.
  9. "Louis," you sniff, confused, "what--" "I want you to pick whoever you think is best for you, whether it be me, Mr. Vain, the Nialler, Harry, Liam, or a footstool from IKEA. And you absolutely don't have to pick tonight or even this year. Take your time. But no matter what, whoever you choose, just remember that I'll always love you." He gave a stunned Zayn a brisk and regal nod. Before walking away, he leans in and kisses you so softly on your cheek you could barely feel it, but you quickly returned it this time. Louis walks away and you wrap your arms around Zayn, then you dash over to Liam and Harry and do the same thing. Harry picks you up at the end of his hug and twirls you; your legs airborne for at least ten seconds. Not long after, your troublesome clock chimes three in the morning, and everybody (including yourself) was panting and laughing.
  10. "Well," Liam says, looking shifily at the clock, "I guess we better be on our way. A concert tomorrow and everything." "________," Zayn calls, "my offer still stands. Would you like to come on tour with us?" All the boys fell silent at this. "Well?!" Louis cries after you hesitate, "please tell me--er, us--that you will!" You think it over for a split second before saying, "Do you think I'm stupid?" All five of them cried, "NO!" Everyone laughed, and Harry says over the roar of all the boys, "So you'll come then?" "Yes, of course I will!" You cry, then start randomly jumping up and down. What a crazy night! Meeting One Direction, being fought over, kissed and squeezed, and now an entire year long tour? It is unbelievable to the point of insanity--put you weren't about to back down now.
  11. ---> END PART 2!!

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