A One Direction Love Story: Part 2

Finally part 2 is out! Sorry I took long but I just moved so I've been pretty busy! This part has some romance in it ;) so I really hope you enjoy!!!!

From now on in the 2nd paragragh imma put random song lyrics by 1D and say which song. I’ve never had the words to say, But now I’m askin’ you to stay For a little while inside my arms, And as you close your eyes tonight, I pray that you will see the light, That’s shining from the stars above. -More Than This

Created by: Sierra
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  1. Where we last left off... "Can I sleep in your room?" They all ask at the same time. They all start blushing, but you were blushing the most. "Sure but all that's left in my room is the floor." They all nod and you decide to go lay out the pillows and blankets on the floor.
  2. You get to your room and start pulling out blankets and pillows. "Want some help?" You turn to see Zayn leaning in your doorway. "Sure." You say. He grabs a pillow and blanket and starts laying it out on the floor. You finish laying out one set and you turn to get another set. You trip over a pillow and fall into Zayn's strong arms. "Sorry" you mumble and as you try to stand, you catch him staring at you. You hold his gaze. *Wow, his eyes are amazing!* He starts leaning closer to your face, just an inch away. Just as Zayn is about to kiss you, there's a knock on the door. Louis is there and wants to ask you a question. "Hey ____, do you.." he trails off when he sees you in Zayn's arms on the floor. "Louis leans in the doorway and smiles "well Zayn having fun, are we?" He ways with a hint of jealousy in his voice. You both stand up quickly and brush yourselves off. Zayn looks mad and mumbles "I was just helping her with the beds." And he stormed out of the room.
  3. "Is he ok?" Louis said with sarcasm. *Oh Louis you sly devil you..* you think with a smile on your face. "I hope so." You answer. "Anyway, do you wanna have a movie night?" He asks. "Id love to! Lets go!" He grabs your hand and you two run upstairs.
  4. "So what movie are we watching?" You ask the guys. "Toy Story!" Says Liam and everyone laughs. You look at him and frown, "but we don't have Toy Story.." you say and see Liam's happiness fade. "We only have Toy Story 3!" And you get the Dvd from under the Tv. "You tricked me!" He says and his face his brightens up! You pop in the Dvd and squeeze on the couch between Harry and Liam. Halfway through the movie you fall asleep and wakeup to the Tv off and everyone asleep on the couch. You see that you fell asleep on Harry. You pick your head up and try to leave but accidentally woke Harry up. "What's wrong love?" He asks in his sexy 'I-just-woke-up' voice. "Nothing. Sorry I fell asleep on you. I'll just going downstairs in my bed so guys can have more space." "It's ok. You can stay here. I don't mind if I'm your pillow." You smile and lay your head on his chest. He put his arms around you and the last thing you hear that night is Harry say "Good night ____."
  5. You wake up the next morning in your bed. *What time is it?* you check your phone and it says 9:36am. You look around the room and the beds that were on the floor are gone. You sigh thinking that it was all a dream. You go to the bathroom to brush your teeth and wash your face. Then you put on a white v-neck tee and Denim shorts. You run upstairs and see, and realize it not a dream, One Direction sitting on your couch watching Tv.
  6. "Good Morning beautiful! Just the person we need to see!" Says Louis. You say your good mornings and sit on the floor in front on the couch. You notice Zayn is staring out the window, being his usual quiet self. You decide to lighten the mood, and say "Vas happening?" with a huge grin on your face. Everyone starts laughing including Zayn. * Yay! Everything's back to normal!* "So ____...there's something we need to talk to you about." Starts Louis. "Each of us really likes you." says Niall. You nod your head. "Ok. I really like you guys too. But what's the problem?" You say being completely oblivious to what they're trying to tell you. "No, ____. We REALLY like you." Says Liam, with emphasis on the really. You sit there in complete and utter shock. You freeze. "Hello?" "Anybody home?" "____, snap out of it!" You stare at them in complete amazement. This was a lot to take in! "____, come back to earth!" Shouts Harry. You refocus and say "What? Sorry I'm back, umm..continue please." "Well we have a plan."says Harry. He looks at Zayn and he begins to speak. "You will go on a date.." "or dates" interrupts Harry with a wink and smile. Zayn continues "with each of us and when you're ready, you can choose one of us." "So are you in?" Asks Liam. "I'm in.."you say and they cheer. "...but only on one condition!" They all stop and stare at you. "You guys have to be fair." "GROUP HUG!!" Shouts Louis and in a matter of seconds you fan barely breathe. You're so overwhelmed with joy.
  7. You hear your phone ring so they let you go. You pick it up and its your mom. **FAST FORWARD** "hey guys that was my mom. My family is going to stay in Jersey 3 days longer! So, I have time for the dates!" "That's great love!" Says Liam as he squeezes you tight. You walk into the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of orange juice. Niall walks in behind you and asks for some. "So ____, I was wondering if you would wanna go to the movies?" "I'd love to Niall! When do you wanna go?" "We can go tonight at 6:30. I checked online and 'Titanic' came out in 3D!" "I love 'Titanic'! Let's go then!" He hugs you and kisses your cheek. When he walks out, you clutch your cheek and squeal.
  8. You finally decide to calm yourself down and realize your stomach growling. You decide to surprise the guys with dinner so you grab a jar of tomato sauce and heat it up in a pan. Then you walk over to the pantry to look for a box of spaghetti. You find it and turn around but bump into someone. You look up and see Louis. "Hey love! Smells great! Whataya cooking?"He asks. "Well, it was supposed to be a surprise but I'm making spaghetti." You say as you boil a pot of water. "I smell...FOOD!!" says Niall as he comes up behind you. He looks so happy! The rest of the guys must've heard Niall because they walked into the kitchen. "We heard there's food!" Says Harry. "Can we help?" Asks Liam. "Sure! I need someone to get the plates and utensils and someone to watch the noodles." "Aye aye captain!" Says Louis. "When it's finished, can I be the taste tester?" Asks Niall. You simply laugh and nod your head. "Yay!" He squeals like a little kid and picks you up. *He's so adorable when he's around food!*
  9. Sorry but I gotta stop here :) The next part is all about your date with Niall!!! Plz gimme ideas on what you want to happen on the date.
  10. So...do u like it so far??

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