A One Direction Love Story

Are you in love with One Direction? Do you dream of marrying them one day? Well this is my new series about One Direction falling for you! Apparently, you've got that one thing ;) (LoL I know that was bad)

In this story you are 16 turning 17 and live on Queens Blvd in NY (this street has so many stores!) One Direction is head over heels for you so find out who you wanna be with!

Created by: Sierra

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  1. You're walking down the street with your arms full of groceries and on your way home. While walking, you're listening to the "Up All Night" album and it's on repeat. You get to the crosswalk and are waiting for the light to change. The light turns green and you hurry to cross the street to get to your block. You notice your arms starting to hurt and are relieved that your apartment is on the first floor.
  2. As you turn the corner, you start to walk faster knowing your apartment building is only a few buildings down. There's yelling coming from behind you but you don't hear it because you're listening to music. You turn to your left and walk up the stairs and through the first door of the building. You finally set your bags down and sigh of relief because you don't have to carry the bags anymore. You notice your arms are bright red with marks all over them and you frown. You take out your earbuds and put away your iPod. You take the keys out of your bag and open your mailbox. As your looking through the mail, the unexpected happens...
  3. You turn the key to unlock the main door. As you push the door open, a bunch of guys burst through the door behind you. Apparently, they didn't see the bags on the floor, so they all tripped, knocking you down in the process. When you fell, you pushed the door and you landed on the ground and the door swung back and hit you in the head. The door hit you hard. Your vision blurred when you started crying because of the pain and you didn't know what was going on. You started getting sleepy, and the last thing you saw was your apartment door open.
  4. "Is she awake?" somebody said. "I think so!" said someone nearby. You decide to open your eyes and see 5 blurry faces staring at you. "What's going on?" you ask. Your vision starts to clear and you sit up then hold your throbbing head. You look around to see 5 incredibly familiar faces. "Are you ok?" asked the one with curly hair. "Is she ok?! You hit her in the head with a door!" Then there's some chatter and you pick up British accents. Wait, is that an Irish accent too? Then it hit you, it's One Direction. You just heard you got hit in the head with a door, so you're probably just hallucinating or dreaming. You stand up and look at them with a shocked expression on your face. You clear your throat and begin to speak,"Okay, I know this is a stupid question but is this a dream?" The guys look at each other and start laughing. "What?" You ask. They start laughing even harder.
  5. You just remembered you had groceries and mail. You ask them about it and Harry says "we already put the stuff away and the mail is on the counter." Oh okay..you thought. Then something else crossed your mind. "What are you guys doing here? Not to be mean but why?" you ask.
  6. Zayn was first to speak "Its a long story, but our car broke down on our way to our hotel, and paparazzi was following us." "So we had no other choice but to get out and start running." said Louis. Then Niall said "we didn't know where we were going. Then we saw you going up the stairs with your bags.." "or Niall sniffed out the food you had" interrupted Louis. Everyone laughed including you. "Yeah and we thought we could sneak in when you had the door opened."said Harry. "But then we tripped over your stuff and Harry knocked you into the door and overall, it didn't really go as planned."finished Liam. "Oh ok. But how did you get into the apartment?" Louis answered "When you fell you dropped your keys and I tried them on the first door I saw and I guess I got lucky." You smiled at the thought of One Direction being in your living room.
  7. You felt someone staring at you so you turn and catch Harry looking at you then he looks down quickly. "Well, I'm ____. Its nice to meet you guys! I'll be back I just want to change." They all say ok and you head downstairs to your room. (The apartment is 2 floors. The first floor is the front door, living room, your parents room and kitchen. Downstairs is your room, you brothers' room and your grandma's room. Both floors have a bathroom.)
  8. You go into your room and hear footsteps behind you. You spin around and see Harry. "Oh, hey Harry! Wassup?" He looks sad and starts to talk "I'm sorry for making you hit your head ____." You just melt at the sound of his voice and say "its ok. I'm alright now." You smile at him, then he looks up and grins. He runs up to you and hugs you tight and spins you in the air. You feel really giddy and start laughing. He puts you down and says "I'll let you change now. See you upstairs!" And he closed the door behind him. You change into..
  9. You head upstairs to find the guys watching the news. Its Kelly the news reporter from fox 5. She's somewhere in your part of town. "So it turns out there is paparazzi everywhere here in the area looking for British pop sensation One Direction. Its said that the teenage heartthrobs were seen running away from paparazzi down this main street, but disappeared turning this corner. They were able to get in contact with their agent within the recent hours, but the 5 are still currently hiding..." you gulped. Where Kelly was right now is on the corner of your block. "____, can we spend the night here? We can't go out now or they'll ask where we were. And if they see us come out of here, then you'll be on the news!"said Louis. "We can't do that to ya ____." Said Niall. "Sure! You guys can sleep in here on the couch, in my brothers' room, or my room. I don't want you guys in my parents or grandma's room because they would know you were here." "Thanks so much ____!" They said as they all hugged you.
  10. "Can I sleep in your room?" They all ask at the same time. They all start blushing, but you were blushing the most. "Sure but all that's left in my room is the floor." They all nod and you decide to go lay out the pillows and blankets on the floor.
  11. Sorry it was so long. This is my first story so plz tell me in the comments what I need to work on. Then I can make the rest better :)

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