A One Direction love story part 3

Hey guys! I would do a recap in these paragraphs...but I already put it in the story, so no need! Any-who... I love one direction!oh golly! Itso t let me put a heart :(

Omg. Comment if you ever even read these paragraphs! I mean seriously! I never put anything important becuz idk if anyone ever reads this! Btw, part 4 will be out shortly! :)

Created by: Jhawkgirl12
  1. **Re-cap** you met One Direction, because they knocked you out, and they told you their story. After that you went into the kitchen and it had caught on fire from your bacon and eggs! You guys took out the fire and made up a plan for your mom not to see! Now you are getting your cell phone, when someone had followed you upstairs...
  2. You turn around to see Harry. "hey, Do you need something?" You ask him. "well I just needed to talk to you... In private." Harry says. He looks nervous, which makes you nervous! "okay, here we can chat in my room." you reply. You take him to your room and you both sit on your bed.
  3. "so, what up?" you ask. There's a moment of silence and you can tell he just doesn't know how to say whatne has to say. Finally he breaks the silence. "well, ummm, this is sorta hard to explain. So I'd rather just show you." he says. Before you can reply Harry leans on and kisses you. You kiss back since you were just thinking of how you sorta liked him... Well actually all of the boys.
  4. You pull away and jus stare at him. His beautiful green eyes are showing so many different emotions. Hurt. Happiness. Love. After a long silence he gets up and starts to leave. But right before he walks out the door he whispers "I think I'm in love with you ______." and with that, he leaves.
  5. You sit there alone for about a couple minutes until you hear a knock at your door. "come in." you say. You look over to see Niall entering your room. "hey, you all right?" he asks. "yeah, im fine. Why?" you ask. "well you we're sorta up here for a while. And we saw Harry come down." he replies. You don't answer. You just sit and stare at the wall. Your so undecided. "I just, just don't know what to think." you say out of the blue. " about what?" Niall asks. "You, Harry, and al, the other boys. It's like I seem to have a 'thing' with all of you... And it's like I can't really decide who I like the most." you say. "oh. Well if it makes you feel any better i'll let you know that I think your beautiful, sweet, caring, funny, and just too amazing for words to describe." he says. He blushes and tries to hide it, but it doesn't really seem to workout. "your just saying that." you say. "nope, I meant eepvery single word." he says. He looks straight into your eyes, and you can tell, he meant every single word he said.
  6. You both blush and he takes your hand and you two head down stairs. Everyone sees you holding hands and all of them give Niall a dirty look. Suddenly Zayn gets up and leaves. "sorry, he's just jealous _____." Liam says. You run upstairs to where Zayn is. To your suprise it lookalike he's almost crying...
  7. "Zayn, I'm sorry." you say. Your throat gets dry... Almost like you are about to cry. And outta nowhere, you do. Zayn looks over at you. "_____, I'm sorry. I just like you so much, but that's okay if you like Niall." Zayn says while hugging you. "well, the thing is I like all of you. I don't know who to choose. I don't want to hurt anybody." you say. He whipes your tears away and leans in and kisses you. After that he takes your hand and you twooo downstairs together. Once again, everyone looks jealous. But soon enough they just brush it off.
  8. You and all the guys decide that Louis should talk as your moms boss because he can do a pretty good bossy-like voice. You dial your moms number and wait. "hello?" you hear. "ummm hello miss. ____, this is your boss speaking and we I would like to inform you that we need you in the office so you will have to work until at least 3:00 am." Louis says in his boss voice. "well I guess so. I will just tell my daughter that I won't see her tonight." your mom says. "alrighty then. Thank-you miss.____, and have a nice evening." Louis says. "alright, you too. Bye bye." she says. The. She hangs up. Suddenly you get a call from your mom. "eveybody! shut up! My mom is calling me!" you yell. Everyone is quite and you answer your phone. "hello?" you ask. "hey sweetie, my boss called. I won't be able to come ho e tonight so you will have to make your own dinner again. I'm sorry." she says. She sounds sad, which makes you start to feel really bad. "that's totally fine mom! Don't worry about me! Have fun in The office!" you say. "okay, thanks. Just don't go bringing boys home! I know they all think you are pretty but they can't come over withoutmy permission!" your mom says sarcastically. "haha. Okay mom. Bye." you say and hang up.
  9. After you hang up all the boys start laughing, like cracking up so hard that they fall on the ground! You just blush and can't help but feel like crap. "Im sorry ____, we just think your mom is so funny!" Liam says. Everyone finally stops laughing and you just give them a mean stare. "_____, could I may e talk to you?" Louis asks. "okay." you reply. Louis takes your hand and leads you upstairs into a closet. "why are we in a closet?" you ask him. "because I know that the boys will try to spy on us." he replies. "oh. So what's up?" you ask. "well I wanted to ask you if maybe you, ummm, wannagotoamoviesometime?" he asks quickly. "haha, sure. I'd love that." you say. He hi pave you and kiss on the cheek and you two walk out of the closet. And of course... Louis was right because all the boys were on the stairs trying to find you guys.
  10. Cliffhanger! Sorry if that wasn't the best place to stop, but I realized that this part was sorta long. I mean, not question wise, but paragraph wise! :D Anyways, I hope you liked it! And part 4??? Oh and soon I was going to do a competition. Everyone comments and votes for who they like and whoever gets the most votes will get apart spent with that person! And I will also take ideas of what to do on that day! And please... Keep it P-G rated! Thanks! ;)

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