A One Direction love story part 2

Hey hey hey! This is part two to my new series A One Direction love story! I also am the writer of Your Amazing Love Story too! My other user name is Brennzadoodles24 !

I think you will like this... And hope that you do! So yeah. I hate these paragraphs! Does anyone even read these? Lol, no! So I just say random stuff!

Created by: Jhawkgirl12
  1. *Re-cap* you rode on the airplane to Great Britian and met Brenna! Also you saw girls crowding 1D, but didn't see them :( also you got to see your new house! The you fell asleep...
  2. You wake up naturally and look over at your desk. The clock on it says 1:07... Which means its earlier in the U.S. your mom says that sooner or later you have to get used to the time difference... But eh? What's the worst that's gonna happen if you wait til fall?
  3. You wake up and put on your new 1D tee with some red denim shorts. You put your hair in a messy bun and head down stairs. The first thing you think of is food so you head into the kitchen to eat some... Brunch?
  4. You look on the counter and see a note that says: "glad your up sweety! I had to go into work a day early so you will be home alone for a while! I thought you could always have a good look around town! Just be safe though! Remember; stranger danger! Well have a nice day! I will see you around 8:30! Love, Mom."
  5. 'Wow. Mom would totally say something like that.' you think to yourself. You open the frige and see absolutely nothing that looks yummy so you decide to go to the store. Wait... You remember you don't have a car. "Dammit." you scream. Since nobody's home you decide on bacon and eggs so you only have to cook for yourself. Your in the middle of cooking when you hear the doorbell ring...
  6. CLIFFHANGER!!! Lol... Jk! Man... The look on your faces! Anyways... Back to the story...
  7. **Back to story** Why would someone be at YOUR new house? Maybe neighbors? You aren't really sure. The doorbell just keeps going off over and over and over! "OKAY, IM COMING!" you yell. You unlock the door and right as you open it just a crack some people open the door, knocking you out.
  8. You wake up to the sound of yelling. "wow. Great. She's probably dead right now and it's all your fault Liam!" someone yells. Liam? There accents sound British, but one is Irish. Suddenly you realize who they are...
  9. You open your eyes to see 5 amazingly hot guys. It's One Direction! In your house! Almost touching you! 'calm down ____, just be cool.' you think to yourself. "are you alright love?" Louis asks. You just nod your head yes and begin to breathe heavy again. You try to calm down, but it's not working. "you sure about that?" Niall asks. "yeah." you manage to say. You sit up and stare at them wide eyed. I mean come on! One Direction is your house talking to you! How could you not stare?
  10. "ummm hello?" Louis asks. He pokes your face and you jerk back to reality. "sorry. I was just thinking. Why are you in my house?" you ask. "well ummm. It's sort of a long story." Liam says. "it looks like we have enough time though." Zayn says. You seem to notice Zayn staring at you. But when you look at him, he looks away. "well do you guys wanna take a seat?" you ask nervously. Why are you so nervous? They are pretty much just like any other guy, they just sing great, look good, and almost every girl in the world wants them.
  11. You lead them into the living room and everyone takes a seat. You sit in between Niall and Harry and across from Zayn. I guess he can keep staring at you that way! ;) "alright, spill." you say. "so me and they boys were going to get some Nandos when we remembered we forgot the car was being fixed up, so we decided to walk." Liam starts. "but, as usual, some girls happened to see us." Louis adds. "not just some girls, more like every girl anywhere near us." Niall says. "so we ran away from them and decided we would go to the nearest house. And it just so happens that we saw yours." Zayn says. He blushes as if he had said something weird. 'It's cute how he's so shy.' you think. "but we didn't know that a beautiful girl like yourself lived here." Harry says witha wink. Everyone groans as if he does this all the time. "and I didn't mean to hit you with the door and knock you out." Liam says. You smile and nod your head. "just wondering... Could we maybe have something to eat?" Niall says. Everyone laughs, yet agrees.
  12. You all walk into the kitchen, well except for Niall, he runs. XD anyways, you walk into the kitchen and smell something burning. Oh shoot! The eggs and bacon!
  13. "oh s**t!" you say. You start to dump water all over the stove, but it's no use. "watch out! Comin through!" someone yells. You turn to see Harry with a fire extinguisher. He looks at it confused, but finally figures it out. It blows out a bunch of white stuff, which happens to make the kitchen a disaster! "I'm so dead." you say. "but not if we help you!" Louis says with a a smile.
  14. "what do you mean?" you ask. "I mean, we could pay for a new stove and help clean." Louis says. "but it wasn't your fault, you don't have to do that." you say. "oh, but it is our fault. We were the ones that made you distracted from your cooking. And it looks like we will be here a while." he replies. "well the let's get started!" you say. Everyone smiles. "shopping time!!!" Niall yells.
  15. "but wait, we can't leave the house." you say sadly. "but we can tomorrow!" Zayn says. "but my mom comes back tonight." you reply. "shoot," Niall says. "no shopping time." "but, what if your mom doesn't come back tonight?" Liam says in a mischievous tone.
  16. "maybe we could kidnap your mom until tomorrow!" Louis says. "or, we could just lock her out?" Niall adds. "no, that impossible." you say. "maybe we could call her cell phone and act like her boss to tell her she has to work until 3:00 am, then when she gets home she'll be so whipped out that's he will go straight to bed." Liam suggests. "that won't work though. What about in the morning?" Zayn asks. "we could make sure she stays asleep... Like not let her alarm go off?" Liam says. "actually, that could work!" you say.
  17. "_____ is right, we could totally pull this off!" Harry says. "yay! Shopping time tomorrow!" Niall yells. Everybody laughs so hard they hurt after laughing. You run upstairs to grab your phone, but realize someone is following you. You stop at the top of the stairs and turn around to see...
  18. Cliffhanger!!! This one is for reals! I'm sorry if you get mad, but please do not throw your computer out the window! Anyways, i hope you liked this series so far! You can also check out my other series on my other user: Your Amazing Love Story by Brennzadoodles24 ! Thanks!

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