A Twisted One Direction Love Story part 1

Heyyy all you peeps!!!! Well this is A Twisted One Direction Love Story part 1!!!!! If you love one direction you should take this quiz series! Trust me, I'll try my best!

One Direction is a hot british/irish boy band. They became a band on the X-Factor 2010. Will you end up with niall zany Louis harry or liam!?! This quiz series is where one direction meets twilight! (minus the vampires)

Created by: Emeraldfrost
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  1. heyy guys!! This is my first quiz soo it may not be perfect!
  2. And "_____" represents ur name!
  3. "Dad! Just tell me who it is!" Your dad shakes his head and you just slouch back in your seat. Rain pounded outside your dad's silver mustang. It was a dreary day in England and you and your dad just moved into a huge log cabin. You and your dad always moved around because of his job as a music manager. One time he managed PSY. That was a wild year and a half. Anyway you pull up to your driveway and you and your dad run for the door. (btw your a huge one direction fan and your 17)While your running you slip and fall face first into the mud. Your dad is laughing his face off. But you brush it off and quickly move inside.
  4. You walk in and set your shopping bags down. Your dad always took you shopping. Your dad was pretty much rich. You look outside and see the pine trees. You and your dad needed a place in the woods because of your family's dark history. Your family was a bloodline of werewolves.
  5. Your canine teeth were a little longer than normal humans but they weren't noticeable. "_____ get ready. My client will be here soon for dinner." "Hey dad, can't I just have a friend over instead." You really didn't want to meet his client if it was rod stewert. "Sure honey." You run upstairs and grab your IPhone 5 and call up your bff Cera. (pronounced, sarah.)"hey cera! Can you come over??" "sure I'll be rite over!" *10 minutes later...* The doorbell rings and you run downstairs and open it to see Cera standing there. "Hey! Come in" She comes in and you two grab some slim jims and head up to your room. Your dad yells up the stairs" My client will be here soon! Get ready girls! This client you will really like!" I lean over to Cera. "that's what he said when I met kiss." You guys laugh and get ready.
  6. You go into the bathroom and do your hair in....
  7. Cera puts her strawberry blonde hair in a bun and then you change into....
  8. Then right when you and Cera get done getting ready the doorbell rings and you run downstairs to get it. When you open the door you almost have a heart attack. It's ........
  9. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! Lol your faces!! Anyway I hope you enjoyed it! :D
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