(the best) one direction love story part 5:)

Part 5 of my amazayn quizzz:) haha did you see what i did there?? ZAYN get ittt?? hahaha wow thats kinda lame ik.. yeahh so new moon is such a good movie!! Im totally team jacob

Niall louis Zayn liam or Harry?? Which one will love you and which one will YOU fall in love with?? I think i know... hahaha im so bored sooo random typing!!

Created by: bravogrl

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  1. recap!! guys performed at a concert harry told you he REALLY liked you but then brought 2 chicks home and you kissed Niall and your super mad at harry..
  2. When you come out of your room harry confronts you again. "Taylor tell me what i did!" "Oh my god quit acting like you dont know!!It just making me mad" "Is it about last night??" "Duh! you dont do that to people!" "They were just fans!" "Whats your point!!!" suddenly your dad walked in "everything ok in here??" "Im fine" you say shoving past harry to get on the tour bus.
  3. You sit next to louis on the buss because he always cheered you up and it was awkward with niall since last night. "You look amazing today" he said "Thanks louis.. did you tell them about the break up yet?" "Nah" "Why not?" "Well i think we might be getting back together" "oh" you say trying not to sound to sad.
  4. "Where are we goin now?" "Baltimore" "Oh.. i dont like Baltimore" "Why not?" "I dont know its just weird and cold. Im already freezing" you say trying to wrap your arms around your goosebumpy legs. "Here" louis said handing you his jacket. "Aw thankss!" you say putting it on. Then fall asleep.
  5. Dream mode! "Harry I love you. i love you so much." your in the audience for a 1D concert. "Well its to late!!" he shouted then brought that blonde girl from last night on the stage and was singing what makes you beautiful to her. You think back to before the drama and how great harry was like when you were standing on the balcony with him and he whispered to Louis how hot you were and when he kissed you on your porch.
  6. You wake up and everybodys still asleep you glance back at harry he still looked hot even when he slept. he looked so dreamy. You get up and walk over and sit down next to him. "Harry" "What" he said half asleep. "I think i love you" you whisper in his ear then go back to your seat and sleep"
  7. "Taylor wake up!!" Louis was shakin you "What!!!!" "We are at the concert" "okkayy" you say going backstage with him. "Hey guys" you say when you finnaly see the rest of them "Taylor!!" they all say happily. your dad says "Come on guys! Go out in 5 4 3 2 1. GO!!" and They all run out on stage. "Its so stressful back here!!" You say to your dad "Thats showbiz!" " Im starving! I havent eaten since breakfest!" you say suddenly. "Theres a Mcdonalds across the street go eat he said then handed you a ten doller bill.
  8. You go to Mcdonalds and get a frappe and frys yumm. Then walk back right as they are performing their last song. "Ladies and very few Gentleman!! Please say hi to our number one girl Taylor Collins!!" niall said and brought you on stage "Ohh my god why did you do that!" you say on stage "they will all want to kill me!!" "They dont know we like you" he said then harry says....
  9. "Taylor I love you!!" the audience screams and harry whispers to you "I will always love you even if you hate me ill love you your not a one night stand your the kind of girl i want to marry and spend the rest of my life with. I remember every little thing about you and i never want you to go i cant stand not being around you and i mean it with all my heart"
  10. CLIFFHANGERR!!!!!;) hahaha you know you love it!

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