(the best) one direction love story part 4:)

Part 4 of my quiz!! Thanks for taking my quiz please rate and comment!! Any ideas just comment them... so yea idk what else to say hmmm well umm its raining out.

Nooo bot another one!!! Um btw my favorite one direction guy is Niall then harry then louis then zayn then liam.. in case you were wonderingg.... so yeaaa

Created by: bravogrl
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  1. Reap!!: So you got on your jet fell asleep on nialls shoulder found out louis and his girlfriend broke up and your now in new york city! Oh and louis complimented you;)
  2. You guys get to the hotel and go to your penthouse suite. "Its so cool here! I love the city" you say while your standing on your balcony to Harry who came out with you "Yea i love the city.... Taylor can i tell you something?"
  3. "Yea what??" "I really like you" "I like you too" you say blushing "I mean like I REALLY like you i cant imagine spending a day without you" then he kissed you "come on guys time for the concert!!" your dad said butting in "See ya later" he said with a wink then got in the limo with the other guys. "Tay do you wanna come or just hangout here?" "Im really tired i think im just gonna stay here tonight." "Okay well we will see you later dont get in any trouble he said getting into the car."Bye Dad!" you say then go back into your suite.
  4. You flip on the tv and watch big bang theory for like an hour then get pizza and eat almost the whole thing then you turn on the movie the proposal. (best movie ever btw!!)
  5. eventually you get tired so you change into a cami and sweat pants and go to bed. At like 12 a clock you hear a ton of noise so you get up and go into the main room and see 2 blonde chicks with obvious fake tans and huge boobs sitting on the couch. "What the heck" you say super confused you see Niall in the kitchen so you runover to him and whisper "Niall!! Who are those people??" "Harrys girls" "What??" "Harry brought them here to well you know" "Are you kidding me?!" "No? I swear... why?" "Nothing" you say going to your room before you start crying.
  6. You slam your door and sit on your bed why would he do that to me!!! you think starting to cry. "Taylor are you ok?" Niall said slowly walking into your room. "Im fine" you didnt want to look like a wimp in front of him. He sat down next to you "Im sorry about what he did" "Its ok. Its not your fault hes a jerk.. he kissed me." "He did????" "Yea?" "Well its just we made this promise thing to not make a move on you.." he said quietly. "Really??" "Haha yeah.. it sounds really stupid now" he said blushing
  7. "Well he kissed me twice" "Wow that kinda sucks" he says. "Im so sorry i didnt tell you.. i guess im kinda a jerk to" you say feeling veryy guilty. "Your to nice to be a jerk." he said then leaned over and kissed you"If harry doesnt have to play by the rules neither should I" he said then you made out.
  8. Then he went back to his room and you fell asleep. The next morning you couldnt even look at harry you were so mad. "Whats wrong?" he finally said after breakfest."Get way from me" you said shoving past him and going into your room to get ready.
  9. You put on a super cute tank top thing and white hollister shorts. And straighten your hair so its really straight and looks even longer than usual. Then put on mascara eyeliner blush bronzer and a light gray eyeshadow. You wanted to show harry you were better than those girls he brought back.
  10. Cliffhangerr!!!!:)

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