A One Direction Love Story part 12- THE FINAL CHAPTER

So this is my last part to my one direction series! :( its very sad, but it's gotta end sooner or later! But good news is its a good part and I started a new series! ;)

Blah blah. Read the instructions below, so like below. As in on the questions below these paragraphs! Well I love ya! And I hope that everybody liked this series! :)

Created by: Jhawkgirl12
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Okay so this is how it's going to work...
  2. I will have two results for you and your love. So I will have (your choice's name here) then (your choice's name here) marriage. You will pick the name, the come back and pick the name marriage! Get it?
  3. So have you already started school?
  4. I might as well just go ahead and say who do you pick?
  5. Now part two... And if you didn't pick one of these then skip the question! :)
  6. And now you can skip these questions...
  7. Skip
  8. Skip-a-roon-i
  9. Only two more!
  10. Thanks! Hope you like your results! Don't forget to come back! ;)

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