people who takes all story quizzes i need your help

please take the quiz and tell me witch should i do cause i really want to do a sereious and i really work hard on making these and i love to take others myself

dont leave me hangin, true heart and magic, one direction love story (like 3 on them), snapshot of out love. i read alot more. i just cant rember. uh giving love a shot!!

Created by: scolionophobia
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  1. ok so i wanna make a story quiz and i have a few ideas
  2. i have a couple ideas. i'll put them in the following questions
  3. its only like gonna be a few seconds of the story
  4. you took your phone out your pocked and looked at the screen as you found out your boyfriend (nathan) texted you. you happily looked at the screen and reads "i love you". you happily text back "i love you too" and puts the phone back in your pocket. it was your boyfriend for two years, he sadly moved away and you two had decided to try to do a long distance relationship. you looked up and the smile disappeared away from your face. the guy you secretly admired (trent) was walking up to you, you tried to stay away from him ever since nathan moved away from falling in love but as long as trent was along
  5. ok, if i make that one its gonna be called "deep in the dephs of love"
  6. ok my second idea
  7. 2 you suddenly looked around yourself. admiring the scenery, the flowers, the trees, the birds. you sit down and burry your head in your knees. you cant take such a horrible day. first your mom died, then your grandmother has gone missing. and instead of sorrow everybody teases you. you burry your head in deeper. you couldn't take so much in at once. you suddenly feel sombody near. your head shoots up and you see a tall guy reach out for your hand. you cant see his face. all you can see is it warm, concerned brown eyes. you slowly reach for his and then...
  8. i dont know what i'll call that one so maybe you guys can help me with a name for that one
  9. 3 you look at your best friend stacy and look at her green eyes and you see sorrow. she has been like this all day and you were too ashamed to ask. you cant take to see her like this anymore "stacy.. whats bothering you?" she sits there and looks at her feet like its the most interesting thing in the world. the suddenly she says ____ i know somthing thats about to happen to you." you sit there in astonishment. but she isnt finished yet, she says "sombody is coming after you, but promise me you'll stay safe, stay inside and lock all your doors." you shake your head then dashes off to your apartment. you normally wouldn't be scared but you moved out of your parents house so you wouldn't have to live with rules. you open your house to see.......
  10. i dont know what i'll call it either, i guess you could help me with it too
  11. oh and tell me if you dont like none if them either

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Quiz topic: People who takes all story quizzes i need my help