Sweet Story (For Girls)

This is another one of those story quizzes. I'll try to make it as different as possible. The first quiz is really only going to be defining the rest of the possible quizzes.

I hope you have a nice time taking this quiz. Whether or not you get all the way through. Leave a comment for advice on how you think the next quiz should go, or if there should even be one.

Created by: musicgirl
  1. Okay, first I'm going to ask you about yourself, then we'll move onto the story.
  2. How often do you laugh?
  3. Which sounds most appealing to you, a guy with...
  4. Your biggest personality trait is...
  5. Okay, let's move on to the story.
  6. You're sitting alone, in the dead of night, in the middle of a park... Your friend was supposed to meet you, but didn't. How mad are you?
  7. You hear something in the bushes behind you, it's really dark, and you're scared. Do you turn around?
  8. Whether or not you decided to turn around, something jumps at you. You don't know what it is, because you're blinded with fear. You fall to the ground, startled, and sit up. There is someone there. What do you say?
  9. The boy has firery red hair, and green hypnotic eyes. He's looking down at you, smiling. "Hey, _____, we've got to go. Now." What are you thinking?
  10. You don't say anything, but instead just stare at him with a certain look of confusion in your eyes. He laughs, but his face turns serious again as he picks you up and races you to some sort of contraption. What's your first impression of the thing?
  11. He places you in the back seat of what you find out is actually a vehicle. You open your eyes wide, and several boys turn around to look at you. Pick your favorite.
  12. Each of the boys introduces themselves. This is the first time you hear someone besides Camryn speak. And Ben says, "Hey _____. We're sorry, but we've got to take you somewhere. You won't be back for a long time, but it really is for the benefit of you..." It's Ben.
  13. Okay, the quiz is over now. I'll make more of them and complete the story if you rate or comment. Otherwise, I'll just take it as a waste of time.

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