How Sweet Are You?

Some people are sweet, others are un-sweet. Some like helping, others like bullying. How can you tell the sweet from the un-sweet? How can you tell a helper from a bully without experiencing it firsthand?

Or better yet, are YOU a sweet person, or an un-sweet person? Are you a bully, or helper? Take this easy quiz to find out! A few seconds is all it takes!

Created by: heatherjasper
  1. You were invited to a party, but find out you can't go. You:
  2. People would describe you as:
  3. Does your favorite color describe you?
  4. You see the very thing you have wanted forever, but you don't have enough money, and you are already in debt with you friends and parents. You:
  5. Your fav. band is in town. You band is:
  6. If you could wish for any of these, what would it be?
  7. Your favorite song is:
  8. Your favorite reaction is:
  9. You like:
  10. Your pets would be named:

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Quiz topic: How Sweet am I?