What Type Of Sweet Are You?

Well, do you think you are a sweet? Do you want to know what type of sweet you are? Because everyone is a sweet deep down, and for all I know there are a lot of sweets out there ;)

Are you sweet? Im sweet for sure but not that type of sweet! I mean sweet sweet, meaning the ones you eat like lemon drops, and so on and so on :) You get the point

Created by: xxAmberxx

  1. What Do You Do If Someone Accidentally Pushes You?
  2. What Would You Do If Someone Bought The Last Dress/Jeans you wanted?
  3. Are you nice?
  4. Ask Someone to pick one option below of what they think of you, tell them to tell the truth and dont think about picking yourself!
  5. What Type Of Movie Genre Do You Like Best?
  6. What Do You want to be when you're older?
  7. Which of the following would you want more?
  8. What would you want your life to end like?
  9. If you had to would you change yourself?
  10. The Sky was dark purple. My mind ached because __________?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Sweet am I?