The Candy Quiz

Weather it's a chocolate bar or a piece of licorice, gummi bears or sweet tarts, candy is always great. Sugary, sweet, sour, or chewy, candy is the best.

But do you know candy like the back of your hand? Do you know candy's history? Are you a candy expert? Test your sweet tooth with this candy quiz and find out!

Created by: qwerty1
  1. What was the first bubble gum called?
  2. Which of the following was not one of the original Jelly Belly flavors?
  3. What gummi candy is the most popular?
  4. What did the maker of the lollipop name the candy after?
  5. Which came first--chocolate chip cookies or Cracker Jacks?
  6. Pez candy was originally marketed as....
  7. Which of the following is America's favorite dessert?
  8. What was the original color of M&M's candy?
  9. What does NECCO stand for?
  10. When is National Candy Corn Day?

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