What Cherry, Lemon, Blue character are you?

Have you read the amazing book Cherry, Lemon Blue? Take a quiz to see which character you are! There are so many characters and you need to know who you are! Haven't read the book? SHAME! Read it!

You can be Cherry, Lemon, Blue, Smoke, Sheila or even Bunny, in this 5 minute quiz that you can take with your friends! Discover which character you are now!

Created by: Vernity Brown

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. What is your favorite inspirational quote?
  3. What is a positive thing about yourself?
  4. What is a negative thing about yourself?
  5. What position are you in your friend group.
  6. Who would be your CLB boyfriend?
  7. Who would be your CLB bestie?
  8. What does your name mean? (pick the closest one.)
  9. What is your best feature?
  10. Last, are you male or female?

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Quiz topic: What Cherry, Lemon, Blue character am I?