What Book Character Are You?

So many people say 'I'm this famous character' or 'I'm this whole group of characters!' and other. Well, do they just base it on coolness, or personality traits that are like theirs? You should ask someone who does that.

So, who are you most like? Someone from a book you've read? Or maybe a book you haven't read but should read? Let's find out who fits your personality traits . . . And not on the coolness level. Let's go find out!

Created by: Wolvesnfree
  1. Let's start with favorites, shall we? Favorite way to get around?
  2. Favorite . . . Saying?
  3. Favorite . . . .Well, one of the following?
  4. Ok,if you felt that someone was watching you, you would . . .
  5. Complete the following quote: "The ______'s blood is ______'s seed." ~~Thomas Campbell.
  6. Oh no! You found a tracking device in you wrist! You want, no, need, to get rid of it, or turn it off, what do you do?
  7. QUICKLY, pick one off the desk and run before you get caught!
  8. Oh boy, oh boy, they think you have freaky abilities . . . But you really don't, what do you do when they throw you in a padded cell?
  9. What would be the first thing you'd do after the doc. says you won't live for longer than five weeks?
  10. Pick one of the following.
  11. Did you like this quiz? (No points taken off.)

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Quiz topic: What Book Character am I?