Which Rwby character are you?

Heyo! Welcome to mai quiz! “Which Rwby character are you!”. Sadly it could only fit 8 characters(By which I mean answers) So the people you could get is Ruby, Yang, Weiss, Blake, Jaune, Pyrrha(;-;), Nora, And Ren.

When you take the quiz answer truthfully please so you get the result that fits you and your personality! Besides what are you afraid of picking non truthfully?

Created by: Kairi
  1. Which one of these people appeals to you?
  2. Which Weapon would you like out of these?
  3. Which sounds most like you?
  4. Which name sounds cool?
  5. Who’s your least fave character?
  6. Which is your fave character ?
  7. What outfit appeals to you?
  8. Did you like the quiz? (No no)
  9. Choose fate... very carefully...
  10. I need 1 more question... ;-;. Just choose... ( doesn’t affect)

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Quiz topic: Which Rwby character am I?