Rise of the Half-Bloods. (Part 2)

This is the second quiz of the series: Rise of the Half-Bloods. This is how this quiz works. You have to complete Part 1, to get your character. Then, on this quiz, you answer your character's choices, for example, the first answer is Blake, so if you got Blake, keep choosing the first answer.

HOW IT WORKS: 1.Blake 2.Kayla 3.John 4.Jasmine Just comment if something does not work. The rest of this paragraph will be random. OK, see! Cola mi Pequot angel!

Created by: SonOfApollo
  1. Do you understand that in order to continue, you must've done the first quiz of the series? Do you understand that on the next question whatever answer you choose(ex.1,2,3), you have to choose the same answer for the next one.(ex. If you choose 1, you have to keep doing 1) Do you understand your character, and that 1 is Blake, 2 is Kayla, 3 is John, and 4 is Jasmine?
  2. You wake up in your cabin, early in the morning. You..
  3. You...
  4. You..
  5. You...
  6. You...
  7. You...
  8. You..
  9. You...
  10. You...
  11. This is the end of the story. Did you enjoy it? Rate it 5!

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