What Blakeverse Character Are You?

Quiz only for big fans of my fictional furry world known as the 'Blakeverse". Find out whether you are the strong and serious Blake or the cute and sweet Garou.

All the following questions will suit the character's personality and current tone within the Blakeverse. Now this is the quiz for those who seek to know what character they are in this young but powerful universe.

Created by: Blake
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. My favorite place to hang out is:
  3. Family is:
  4. My favorite muscle group/body part is:
  5. If anyone wants to fight me:
  6. People describe me as:
  7. My hobby is:
  8. If I see someone in danger:
  9. When I get angry this is what I do:
  10. My best trait is

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Quiz topic: What Blakeverse Character am I?

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