Are You Sugar Or Spice?!

You've probably heard of sugar and spice before. If you've tasted sugar, it's sweet and people can be sweet. If you've tasted spice, you try and get the taste away, because it's too hot, and people can also be too much of some things.

The question is are you sugar spice?! Its a bit like naughty or nice. All you have to do is answer 12 simple questions and find out if you're sweet or a tough cookie. It's a great quiz!

Created by: lisa
  1. If someone's in a fight what do you do?!
  2. If someone gives you a compliment what do you say?!
  3. Do you have a sweet tooth?!
  4. Do you wear makeup?!
  5. Do you like animals?!
  6. Are you sporty?!
  7. If someone punches you what do you do?!
  8. What are you like when people are talking?!
  9. When you go shopping what do you buy?!
  10. How would people describe you?!

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Quiz topic: Am I Sugar Or Spice?!