which spice girl are u? xx

Which spice girl are you, Posh Baby Scary Sporty or Ginger? take the quiz to find out. You will be asked a seiries of questions like for example - whats your faveourite colour. Ranging from easy to hard the questions will make sure that you will get to be a spice girl at the end.

Everyone knows that everyone has secretly danced to a spice girls song at some point weather it was at home, in your bedroom, at a party of even in the town center dont deny it everyone loves the spice girls.

Created by: loz
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your Faveourite colour? xx
  2. What is your hair like? xx
  3. Which is your favourite spice girl? xx
  4. what was your faveourite outfit in the 1990s? xx
  5. what is your favourite food? xx
  6. Do you like the spice girls? xx
  7. what is your personality like? xx
  8. what is your faveourite name out of these? xx
  9. Were you at the tour? xx
  10. In the group, you are the....? xx

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