A Tropical Love Story...with a few twists part 8

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And we are BACK! sorry for the whole Iowa thing...but anyway we are back and this one really tells you a lot. I think. maybe. lets find out...

Mark-dark brown hair,dark green eyes,serious,fought a dragon.born in England in 1308 under the name Marklan Stephen Lyell. Element:Earth James-black hair,black eyes,sometimes serious mostly not though,born in Scotland in 1453 under the name Jamisen Gavin Spark Element:FIRE Patrick-blonde hair,light blue eyes, funny,born in France in the late 1500's under the name Padraig Niccolo Lyell, Element:WATER all are handsome

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  1. Mark looks at you for a second then starts to explain, “When the whole company Dragon thing went on, James, Patrick and myself decided that we had better place traps along the outside of the camp. Small things so that we didn’t hurt anyone. Patrick was very stubborn about the not hurting anyone bit, for some reason.”
  2. He keeps going, as the man in the hole yells louder. “Anyway, we set up the traps and earlier this afternoon I found this guy. I didn’t tell you because you seemed to be having fun learning your magic and I didn’t really think that it would hurt anything. He hasn’t talked to me at all. Just yelled for me to get him out…”
  3. James bursts in through some bushes and stands near the edge of the hole. Patrick follows after a few seconds and stares into the trap. James glares at Mark and says. “What the hell is he doing here?!? I thought you said we didn’t trap anyone!”
  4. Mark just shrugs and says “I lied.” James glares darkly some more. “So what do we do with him? I think we should put him in the old storage shack we just came from.”Patrick says this really quickly, answering his own question. You guys look at each other and nod. It is a pretty good idea. “HELP! PLEASE! JUST LET ME OUT! I WORK FOR THE COMPANY! I’M A scout.” The man’s voice echos from below your feet.
  5. You glance down at the man, while saying. “What did you say?” He calls up again “I’m a scout. I was sent out to take a look at the island. Make sure it was ready for some people to come. It was a promotional offer. Listen, I am not supposed to be here! They left me out here and I just want to get back to my family in Colorado!PLEASE!”
  6. You look at the boys but if they having any doubts in his story they aren’t showing them. You call down “What is your name?” the man sits down on the floor of his trap and yells“Ethan! Ethan Haddox! Listen to me.I need you to believe me! I can help you! Just.pull.me.up.” What do you think?
  7. Well, despite whatever you put, you really don’t know whether he’s telling the truth or not. Over the course of the next two hours, you and the guys pull Ethan out of the hole. However you also tie him up and march the poor guy to the old shack. There’s an old pantry so that’s where you decide to put Ethan for awhile.
  8. You guys are outside the shack. The sun is setting. You say “So what do you make of it all?” James answers “He’s definetely lying. The company’s just trying to sneak its way in so it can finish us off.” Mark says “I don’t think so. This whole company deal is strange I admit it but that doesn’t mean he’s not a scout. He is probably just as scared as we are!” James gets angry “Fine! Lets wait so that one of his buddies can sneak in, let him out, and slit our throats!!!” Patrick fidgets and says “I hardly think anyone would ever let him out.” This causes James to turn on Patrick and pretty soon all of them are yelling at each other.
  9. “JUST STOP IT! ALL OF YOU! HOLY SNICKERDOODLES!” you yell and run inside the shack. It’s dark and it’s hard to see. And yet you start to feel as if you need to talk to Ethan for some darn reason. So you open the door and…
  10. go inside and shut the door.The lock clicks. Ethan Haddox is sitting on a huge can of creamed corn. His blonde turning white hair is hanging in his eyes and his face is layered with shadow. He whispers “So you finally got away. Must have been tricky since they are watching your every move.”
  11. You say “Who are you really?” He chuckles and looks at you. “My name is Ethan Haddox. I have a son named Seph.And I’ve lived on the island all my life. And you *he points his finger at you* grew up here!” He sees your expression and says “God, I must seem like such a liar. But its true.You grew up here. And lived here for a long while. Until The Deception, of course. You still don’t remember that though. I can see that bit in your eyes. *he stands up and walks over to you* Funny, how such important things get forgotten. Your father and mother saved you, you know. Your father erased your memory when you were on the boat ,your mother stole, to get you away from The Deception…” You interrupt what he’s saying and ask for him to tell you the whole story…

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