A Tropical Love Story... with a few twists

Okay, this is my 1st quiz and i really hope you like it! Iv'e spent awhile on it and my brother is going to hurt me if I don't get off the computer soon. Please rate and comment. and give me IDEAS!!!!

Your name is Juliet Grand. You have been sent to this Island for some promotion deal thing. The company hasn't told you much. Just that you have to live on the island for a lttle while. Your going to be on it with 3 incredibly guys! But the each have secret so watch out! You also have a secret even your character doesn't know about. Yet! :)

Created by: Cathedral

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  1. You step off the boat and look around at the beautiful paradise that awaits you. It is a lush green isle with palm trees sprouted all about. You can see the jungle out of the cool calm fog that wraps around your temporary home. What are you thinking.
  2. As you step off the landing of your boat you trip and almost fall into the water.
  3. "I gotcha!” you hear a strong voice say as your caught by the arm and pulled to shore. You turn around and see an incredibly handsome brown haired man with deep green eyes. You say…
  4. Assuming you picked #1 he answers "I'm Mark Lyell. I'm one of the candidates for that new promotion thing. And you must be Juliet Grand." You say that you are and ask how he knows this. He chuckles and says he makes it point to see who he's going to be on a deserted island with.
  5. Mark adds "especially when the people are as pretty as you are" ;) and with that he runs of. After standing there for a second you decide to help find water. Oh, did I mention that all your company has given you is a tent, some knives and a few canteens. Yeah, it's a really cheap company.
  6. You look around and see the canteens. You grab one and start looking for a river, stream etc... in the jungle. As your looking you hear a guy call out your name. You turn around and see a blonde guy with light blue eyes running toward you. When he's finally close enough to talk he says "Listen, I found a stream not too far from here. We can all use it for fresh water!" you say...
  7. "yeah, that's great! Um... how did you know my name?" he says "my brother researched the two other people who were coming with us. That's you and fireball over there." he points to a man with dark black hair trying to get the fire lit. you say "oh... what's your name?" he says "Patrick Lyell. Listen I'll go get some water and we'll talk later." with that he runs off. So what are you thinking...
  8. You feel a tap on your shoulder and turn around to see the black haired fire boy. Up close you can tell that his eyes are the colour of charcoal. he says "do you have a lighter or some matches? Since we can't use our =special skills= I'm pretty lost." you ask "special skills?" he says " you know what I mean. So do you have any, Juliet?"
  9. " No, sorry." you reply. "fine but help me out. Stand in front of the fire pit like this." he leads you over and shows you. "and block the view so nobody can see me work my magic" you say, "okay...but how is this going to get the fi..." at that moment a huge blaze of flame leaps up from the wood!
  10. "Geez... sorry about that. I guess I'm a little to powerful in the morning!" he says. "it's okay... I'm just glad we won't freeze to death out here." you say. he just chuckles and says. " I'd never let anyone as beautiful as you freeze." he takes your hand and you feel and warm sensation going up your arm. he says "I'm James Spark"
  11. you don't get to reply because at that moment Mark and Patrick walk up toward you. They don't look too happy that your with James. Mark has a green tinge around him and Patrick a blue. Mark breaks the awkward silence. "so first things first, we have water, fire and now all we need is to set up the tents."
  12. "What about breakfast?" Patrick asks. "you can have whatever the company left for us. it's not much but it is something for now" Mark says. James and Patrick head over to see what food they can find while you and Mark are left with tent duty. "I guess we should get started..." you say. Mark nods and you two start to unload.
  13. As you and mark are unloadingand setting up the tents you hear a sound. Mark is just about to say something when you shush him. You look toward the jungle and see trees crashing down! You can hear animal like screams coming from the monster! It's coming toward camp! You look at Mark and he says "STAY BEHIND ME!!!"
  14. Please rate and comment. It's my 1st quiz so go easy on me. I have to get off the computer or my brother will kill me.

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