Would You Survive?

This quiz is about survival on a tropical island. Will you live, or will you DIE? Find out in this quiz! Please comment and rate. I'm trying to get featured!

As I said before, I'd really like to be a featured quiz, so please advertise and tell your friends! Sorry if that sounds selfish, but not a single one of my quizzes has made the front page! Just so you know, my love story saga is called Dark Angel Love Story.

Created by: Amy Rose ♥
  1. You are at the beach with all of your friends. Your friends are named Kate, Janine, Matthew, and Tate. Kate is super rich and is paying for the beach trip, because you all live in Colorado and need some beach time!
  2. Janine points to a big motor boat out on the horizon. "I would KILL to have a boat like that!" she says, and Kate laughs. "That's my boat, silly." She says. Janine jumps up and down. "Let's ride it!" she says, excitedly. Even though she is 15 and usually very chill, Janine can get over excited. "Okay!" all of your friends agree. What do you do?
  3. Regardless of what you chose in the last question, you get on the boat. You have to admit that it is tons of fun skimming across the water! You spot a small speck in the distance and realize that it's an island. You check your map for signs of an island, but there seems to be none. You shrug, then realize you're nearing the island. "What's happening?" you yell over the roar of the motor. "This thing is going crazy!" Tate, who is steering, yells. "I can't steer anymore!" Suddenly, a bolt of lightning zips across the sky, and thunder booms.
  4. Suddenly, about fifty yards from shore, the boat sputters and dies. "We're out of gas!" Matthew says as the first drop of rain plops on to the boat. Suddenly, it is pouring. "We can make it to land!" You reassure everyone.
  5. Regardless of what you just chose, eventually you make it to shore. What do you immediately do?
  6. Suddenly, you remember that your backpack is on the boat. You eventually get it and are thrilled to see that the contents are fine because they are:
  7. After eight miserable nights on the island, your stomach is growling and you have a fierce desire to get off the island. How do you alert the people on the mainland and get food?
  8. Finally, after hours of waiting, a boat comes to save you and your friends. Steering is Kate's dad, who looks extremely releived to see you. When he asks how you managed to stay alive, your friends respond:
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