Will you survive on a deserted island?(part 1)

Have you ever wondered what might happen if you were on a deserted island with baboons. Would you survive would you be eaten by a hungry crocidile? this is part one though so dont depend on these marks to survive in real life OK?

A person who would survive would have to be quick strong and with very good nerves. Are u an exeption that can survive without super strength? Come on take the quiz and find out!

Created by: bunniesrule

  1. Ok lets get through the basics. You were living in a house in New York when you recieved a letter from your uncle Dan saying that he discovered an island and wants u to see it because its going to be named in his honour. Since nobody knows about this island there are no planes going there but uncle Dan hired an experienced sailor to guide you there by boat. You leave in 2 weeks.
  2. You have to leave in a week and besides your mom and/or dad who do u bring?
  3. You sail out in the morning so now you have to get a good nights sleep. You crawl into your PJ's and start to drift off when you hear your alarm clock. DZZING DZZING! Shoot! Its already 9:00 am! You get dressed brush teeth and do anything else you have to do. Afer a delicios breakfast you:
  4. Your mom and dad come out ready for the sail and you get in the car and have a long drive. When you get to the dock you see an old(and maybe drunk) sailor.You think:
  5. Behind the sailor there is a brand new looking yacht like boat (ok i seriously have no idea how a modern boat looks like)shiney and gorgeous and high levels of protection.
  6. Anyways you get on the boat what do u ask?
  7. The captain shows u your room and it is a wooden paneled (not real wood) red painted room that has a hammock like bed in the corner pictures of old boats on the walls life vests hanging from a closet and a neat table. What do u do?
  8. You decide to finish sleeping so u crawl onto the bed and start to dream.
  9. Youre still half sleeping when u hear your mom calling you for lunch. "________! Come eat some lunch!" So u stand up from the bed and start to walk towars the kitchen. You open a small door and u see hot dogs a sandwich and a salad
  10. After a nice lunch you ask if there r any board games u can play. The sailor gives u a stack of them, which one do u choose
  11. You start to play one of them when u hear-

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Quiz topic: Will I survive on a deserted island?(part 1)