Zombie survival quiz... Part 1

Zombies are always a fun topic to talk about because it brings out your natural surviver instinct. Zombies are after all slow (taking away zombies from george romero and games like left 4 dead)

Are you smart enough to know what to do? Will you survive? If not take this to see if you'll survive. Part 1 covering the basics. There will also be 2 different parts covering different things so start studying.

Created by: Jack
  1. How much do you excersise?
  2. If you saw a news person talking about zombies what would you do?
  3. 1 hour later a zombie appears outside what will you do?
  4. Where do you live?
  5. You are starting to run out of supplies and need to go get more, where will you go?
  6. How will you get to your chosen destination?
  7. On the way to your chosen destination you come across a group of survivors fighting off zombies. What will you decide to do?
  8. Now for some basic general knowledge questions. Can zombies climb things?
  9. Can zombies swim?
  10. Are zombies fast or slow?
  11. Which part of a zombie do you shoot to kill it?
  12. Well done you have passed the pure basics of zombie fighting. Final question, did you like my quiz?

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