Zombie Survival. Can You Survive???

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Some find zombies terrifying. Some find them cool and fascinating. And there is also some that think that they can fight a horde of them with there hands tied behind there back.

Is this YOU??? Do you have what it takes to survive a zombie outbreak? Take this zombie survival quiz to test your zombie surviving skills. Will you survive, die trying, or get attacked and ripped to pieces?


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  1. As you are watching tv, a special broadcast interrupts your show saying a zombie outbreak has occurred. You:
  2. You are in a weapon filled area. You grab:
  3. Your best-friend has been bitten. You:
  4. A zombies best impact location is:
  5. You want to leave to a safer place. You take the:
  6. You see a woman getting attacked by a zombie. You:
  7. Your body type is:
  8. A zombie throws up in your face. You:
  9. You're leaving to find safety and trying to survive. You need help so you take:
  10. You're playing Call of Duty: WaW. You play which zombie map pack:

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Quiz topic: Zombie Survival. can I Survive???