Zombie Survival Quiz

Are you zombie savvy?Do you often wonder if you could survive a zombie apocolypse?Yes,No?Well take the quiz anyway!It's cool,fun,and garenteed to atleast pass some time.

Are you a man/woman of action?ZOMBIE action?well take this quiz to know for sure then brag to your friends that you can own zombies with ease!Are you a surviver?FIND OUT!

Created by: Rockstar!!!
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you were alive for a zombie apocolypse,how would you travel?
  2. What is your weapon classification of choice?(type of weapon?)
  3. How do you thing zombies behave?
  4. If a loved one is infected, what is your course of action?
  5. You have no food and there is a dead, uninfected body on the ground.Do you eat it?
  6. What would you prefer to do in a time of bordom during the zombie apocolypse?
  7. You are in a warehouse at night and there are zombies but you can't see them,and they can't see you.What do you do?
  8. You are talking to a police officer on a radio frecquencey, and you get dissconected.What do you do now?
  9. There is a jewlery store with a window busted out and there are no zombies inside.Do you go in and take stuff?
  10. Where do you hideout at during this apocolypse?
  11. Who could you not kill if they were infected?
  12. Which do you prefer as a close range weapon?
  13. Final Question.The Military is covinced you are infected,How do you end it?(choose wisely...)

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