ZSDW Survivability Quiz

This is a ZSDW-designed Zombie Survivability Assessment (Prototype), for purely physical survival in a Zombie Apocalypse Situation (ZAS). It explores physical strength, essential survival knowledge and skills, and your reasoning skills in basic tactical scenarios that are likely to occur in a ZAS.

This assessment will give you a rough idea of your current survivability rate - by no means a definitive figure - and it is a great starting point if you wish to improve your chances of surviving a ZAS.

Created by: Quickrace89 of Zombie Survival and Defense Wiki
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  1. Have you ever undergone military/combat training, or had military/combat experience?
  2. Do you own any firearms?
  3. Have you been trained in First Aid?
  4. If you have been trained in First Aid, have you ever had to use it?
  5. How long does it take you to sprint 100 metres?
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  7. What do you think of Quickrace89?
  8. What do you *really* think of Quickrace89
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