will you survive the zombies?

my zombie quiz features 42 questions and was designed soley to give you he truth, will you be one of the highly skilled lucky ones, or should you just kill yourself when you hear of an outbreak? i hope you learn something from it!

so how likely are you to survive, these 42 questions will asess your physical survivability, emotional stability in a crisis, common sense, and useful knowledge of such situations. good luck!

Created by: lewis

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  1. do you have any experience with firearms?
  2. do you have any martial arts experience?
  3. which of the following is the most useful ranged weapon you posess?
  4. which of the following is the most useful melee weapon you posess?
  5. a close family member/friend of yours becomes infected and begins to turn, what do you do?
  6. what is the best technique for destroying a zombie?
  7. when preparing to search a room what do you do?
  8. where do you go when you hear of a widespread zombie epidemic?
  9. where do you live?
  10. what time of day would you travel in the event of a zombie outbreak?
  11. if your group became surrounded by zombies, what would you do?
  12. do you know how to make any explosives?
  13. which of the following plans would you be most likely to follow?
  14. how strong are you?
  15. how far can you run?
  16. if i were to loot an armoury i would take ___ as a primary weapon
  17. if i were to loot an armoury i would take ___ as a backup weapon
  18. how much food do you have stored in your home on an ordinary day?
  19. if faced by a zombie unarmed you would...
  20. if yu found survivor/s the first thing you would do would be...
  21. if you came across a lone survivor surrounded by a small group of zombies you would...
  22. your preferred mode of transport in a zombie infested wasteland would be...
  23. if given a choice of one attachment to your primary weapon it would be...
  24. after inserting a new magazine into a gun you must...
  25. true or false, a zombie needs air to survive
  26. true or false, zombies need food to survive
  27. which of the following can be used to identify a zombie?
  28. which of the following would be your ideal destination, and overall target in a zombie outbreak?
  29. if you came across a child about to turn into a zombie, what would you do?
  30. how easily are you scared?
  31. what does it take to wake you up?
  32. what is the delay on a standard hand grenade?
  33. where is the safety on a gun usually located?
  34. which of the following types of ammunition would you preffer
  35. what is your usual role in a group?
  36. how many zombie movies have you watched in the past?
  37. if you heard about a potential zombie outbreak what would you do?
  38. do you believe a re animating virus will be possible in the future?
  39. if faced by a stranger acting very much like a flesh eating zombie what would you do?
  40. why did you take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive the zombies?