Will you survive a zombie apocalypse??

Survival.... This test is to estimate your chance of survival during the zombie apocalypse.It focuses on choices made by you.Each choice made by you will have an effect On the test.This is only for normal civilians.I did not assiume you to have any military , first aid ,wild survival training,please do answer honestly for the best result..

The hell is full,and the dead rose again.Not as human but as flesh hungry guols.Will you be able to survive this harsh new world??Will you make the right choice .Do this quiz and find out!(Do forgive me for my gramma mistakes,english is not my first language,and pardon if you dislike my content,this is my first quiz)

Created by: Wu Gabriel
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  1. In the first days of outbreak.What will u do
  2. U saw a bunch of walkers surrounding ur house .
  3. A survivor ce to u .Asking for food and fefuge,or suggest to acompan u.what would u do.
  4. You saw a dog.
  5. Which weapon will u choose
  6. U spotted a group of survivors.They apparently have a plenty of food supply.But they are well armed.You have group of 6 and well armed.
  7. How long is your hair
  8. What food supply below would u choose for storage
  9. What is the best place to stay in during the apocalypse
  10. The last one. Do you think you have the gut to kill your dearest friend or family incase they treaten your SURVIVAL

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a zombie apocalypse??