Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse ?

There are going to be a few survivors in a zombie apocalypes. You have to find out if you will be part of that few to bring the world back. Let see what will happen.

Are you going to be part of the Zombie horde? Or are you going to be the few people to finish the zombie apocalypes and bring our world back. Take thi squiz to find out!

Created by: Bittu

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  1. You are watching the news and suddenly it broadcast that there are zombies everywhere eating people. Plus he says that they are heading North. That is the direction where you live.What do you do?
  2. You end up finding a man on the road, just walking, but lagging around... You ?
  3. Finally its morning, but your car runs out of gas. You start walking and find 2 routes, the city or the lake shore ( camping area ). Where do you go ?
  4. While heading toward the lake shore, you find a women with her little daughter and a bag of food and water. What do you do ?
  5. You finally get to the Lake shore and find a gruop of 8 surviors. They let you in. The leader of the group says that after there done gathering supplies, they will head west becuse there is a place that they can live, which is a jail, a mental hopstal or a apartment building which on edo you choose ?
  6. That night, the Lake shore gets over run by a horde. People are dying.Plus the leader gets bit on the leg and is surrounded by 3 zombies.Then you have a desision to make?
  7. So you Head west to the jail. You find that there are zombies, but the fence around the jail, behind it is clean. but in between the first and second fence have a few zombies, What do you do ?
  8. You have cleared the jail. You become the leader and have a girlfriend/boyfriend too.Plus you have a sanctuary. 3 years past living inside with no problems until a bad guy and his group attack you place. The whole place is burning down. Everyone is dying. What do you do ?
  9. You decide to take the truck and and leave. Soon you find a science labatory. There is a massive group of people and they let your group and you in. Do you join?
  10. Do you think you survived ? (Won't effect your quiz)

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Quiz topic: Will I survive the Zombie Apocalypse ?