Would I survive in a zombie apocalypse?

Have you watched some scary shows like The Walking Dead on TV? Are you worried that you won't survive the pain of the apocalypse? No worries, you'll know how long you'll survive after you complete this quiz!

Do YOU want to survive a painfully long, deadly, and dangerous zombie apocalypse? Well, with the help of my quiz you can do just that! Find out how long after you finish you'll survive!

Created by: Karson

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  1. Do you own any guns in your home?
  2. Are you strong, fast, tough, and aggressive?
  3. If you saw a group of survivors starving would you help them?
  4. How long can you run and how healthy are you physically?
  5. If a family member or friend turned to a zombie what would you do?
  6. What would you do if you had a helicopter and plenty of extra gas for it?
  7. Can you swim well?
  8. If you were in a crowd of survivors and knew you'd been bit, what would you do?
  9. Do you watch The Walking Dead, World War Z, and other similar 'infected' movies?
  10. Do you own a Zombie Survival Guide? If so have you read it?
  11. Do you own a Zombie Survivalist Kit?
  12. Do games and movies and shows with zombies and undead scare you?
  13. Would you like the apocalypse to happen?
  14. Are you prepared for the apocalypse?

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